Case Study: Jet Pilot

Who is Jet Pilot?

Jet Pilot is a successful international business that has experienced significant growth over the last 10 years.

Why did you sign up for the program?

I have long believed that to remain relevant for tomorrow my business needs to continue to adapt.

How did you find the program?

I found Grant’s approach very different to what I had encountered before. He was approachable but tenacious.

He worked with me to breakdown what my weaknesses were and then he wouldn’t let me let it go. It was a challenging approach but it was effective.

What did you find were the biggest learnings from the program?

The baseline and financial assessment was very insightful.

It was different to anything other chartered accountants had done for me in the past in that it helped me assess what I could do to add more commercial value to my business.

I also found the workshopping around why Jet Pilot did what we did very useful.

What was your biggest outcome from the program?

On the back of the program we developed our –  live, ride, escape – customer value proposition.

We decided that our audience wants to really live their life.  For them this includes the rush from the ultimate ride that our products give. Ultimately we exist to offer them an escape.

This clarity around our vison for our brand has helped us drive momentum and clarify our vision for our brand for the next three years.

This has now been embedded in all our marketing collateral and has been well received by our distributors.

What would you say to a business considering the program in the future?

If you are looking to be creative in your business and you are looking to grow and embrace a process – definitely this process would be of value to you.

Grant is encouraging and engaging and I guarantee he won’t miss any of your hot buttons.


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